Hi my name is Debbie Pugh and I am the creator of True Self Development.

Our purpose is to empower people with the tools to draw out their own knowledge and wisdom to enable a proactive approach to maintaining health and well being. On offer is a range of bespoke  personal development packages/workshops and classes that explore all levels of health whether it be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Our underpinning ethos is that everything comes from and returns to the heart.

 Using a holistic approach combining therapeutic techniques, such as writing, Dru yoga, counselling, holistic therapies, and other development tools and strategies, the aim is to provide  a safe confidential space to explore and discover your own answers. Whether you are an organisation looking for a taylored programme, require a one to one session, group work or or an individual looking to nuture yourself.  True Self Development can provide bespoke packages to suit you and your requirements.

I have over 25 years of experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds as a Primary teacher, Counsellor,Support worker and Dru yoga teacher.I have facilitated  groups covering topics, such as confidence, self esteem, drug and alcohol related issues, loss, abuse, nurturing and empowerment. These groups have consisted of a range of backgrounds and ages, male and female, women offenders, drug and alcohol related issues, domestic violence and people wanting to nurture themselves and grow spiritually.


This business has emerged over a number of years through my own journey of self discovery at  both a personal and professional level.Like many people I have at times had to face life challenges of dealing with illness, loss of loved ones, work and relationship issues. Throughout these times in my life I have used all the tools that I share with you on here. They have all at one time or another helped me to work through  and overcome obstacles. To help me discover what my true self means to me and how to access it. That place of quiet connection to myself and others. That place of true self that resides within us all.

Why true self?

It seemed like the most natural progression for me to call the business True Self Development because it reflects my journey to this point.Its original name was Potential To Grow and that’s what has happened, I’ve grown. I have been on this path of exploration for many years now.Its taken a couple of major life crisis,including accompanying my mum through her journey with Alzheimer’s until her death, to help me gain insight into what being true to myself meant. There are so many opinions as to what True Self  is within the spiritual and Personal Development world that it is easy to become disheartened and confused.

My own understanding is that True Self is the place within you that is your true nature ,that is found at the deepest core of your being.It is more fundamental to who you are than the roles,identities that you create or are given to you by society and experiences.It is love,authencity,compassion for yourself and others.

There are many routes to discovering this, I share what has helped me but I stay open to learning and exploring others.

It is the greatest gift that you can give yourself to explore what it means to you. Personally, it has led me to a place of peace no matter what is going on around me. It is not about denying your roles, your humanness. It is about making friends with all the parts, so that you can live/create the life you deserve.

I hope to be of service to you in sharing what has helped and guided me in my own life.

Love and light